If you’ve never read Daniel Coyle’s “The Talent Code” or his follow-up “The Little Book of Talent” you are missing out on an inside look at some of the best talent hotbeds in the world and how they operate.  This is from Coyle’s blog on the culture of Chinese Divers and how they develop their dominance.

Some great stuff to think about in here.  I love the idea of “Applauding Spectacular Failures” and not breaking the divers into groups based on age and ability.  Interesting how they like to have a number of different coaches analyze every dive – I often feel that too many coaches in an individual workout can make it hard to get a lot accomplished – with every coach trying to throw in their two cents.

It’s also very telling that 5 of the 10 points of emphasis have nothing to do with training methods and everything to do with the culture of the organization.

Really thoughtful, interesting read.


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