6 traits of effective organizations – from Brad Martin, former University of Memphis president and retired chairman and CEO of Saks.  This was passed along to us by our Athletic Director Karlton Creech.

Some really good stuff in here – “obsessive concentration” on the customer.  As coaches, who are our customers?  I also really like the idea of “prudent risk-taking that results in both failure and success.”  Reminds me of the idea of applauding spectacular failures that is a part of the training for the Chinese National diving team.  Finally, “empowerment among all colleagues.”  As coaches, are we empowering everyone around us to help our “customers?”

6 Traits of Effective Organizations – Brad Martin

1) Clearly defined values that guide all actions

2) Obsessive concentration on the customer

3) Intense and persistent focus on learning and growth

4) Prudent risk-taking that results in both failure and success

5) Empowerment among all colleagues to make their own judgments in the application of available resources to best serve the customer

6) Understanding that life and work intersect daily

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