So much great stuff in this Derek Fisher interview.  Take the 15 minutes to read it when you have the chance.

Q: What would you tell your team about what it was like winning a championship for the first time?

A: That none of what we ask them to do, and none of what they’re even asking themselves to do on a daily basis will make sense until the final buzzer goes off if we ever have a chance to play in the NBA Finals and win a championship. It’ll all seem like, “Why are they asking us to do that?” … “This doesn’t make sense” … “We should play the pick-and-roll a different way” … “Why are we running the triangle?” … “We should be able to do this.” And none of it makes sense, until the final buzzer goes off. Because it’s ALL an experiment unless you win. Because you go back to zero if you don’t win it. And so, when you win that first championship, that’s when you finally realize that all the sacrifice and the days when you thought you should have had a day off but the coach made you come anyway, and all the weightlifting and the training and pushing through the pain and back-to-backs and getting in at 3 in the morning and having to come back to practice at noon the next day — none of makes sense until then. That’s when they’ll realize what they thought they didn’t have all along, they already had it.

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