Rae Carruth’s son Chancellor Lee is about to turn 18 and he wasn’t supposed to be alive.  There can’t be too many people in the world stronger than Saundra Adams.

“Forgiveness is for me,” she says. “It’s so I can love unconditionally. And I think my grandson deserves unconditional love, because that’s what he gives. It’s total, unconditional love. If I did not forgive Rae, it would block that flow. So many times parents hold animosity toward one of the other parents and they take it out subconsciously on the children. I never wanted that to happen.”

“I refused to let them put me in a prison,” Adams says. “I felt like I had already been dealt a life sentence. On one hospital floor, my daughter was fighting for her life, and on another floor the only grandchild that I would ever have is fighting for his life. So I thought I’ve got a choice, I could be bitter or I could get better. And so I decided to get better.”

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