Factual data on search firm hires in college basketball and how it correlates to winning percentage from AthleticDirectorU.  They do a great job of putting together data on important issues that impact college basketball.

I don’t, however, agree with the conclusion.  The difference between search firm hires (.504 winning %) and non-search firm hires (.469 winning %) translates to about 1 win per season over a 32 game schedule.  Given the fact that the schools who use search firms tend to be the ones that have more money, better facilities and increased commitment, I’d expect the payout to be worth more than 1 win per season.  The system is set up for the Power 6 schools to get wins over the low/mid-major schools through home guarantee games.

So it’s hard for me to agree that search firm hires resulting in 1 win per season shows “tangible evidence” of success.

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