“While speaking to an NFL team a few years ago, I had each player write their goals on a piece of paper. After a few minutes, I had them rip up the paper they had just written on. 

You could hear the complaints & feel their anger & frustration while they ripped up the paper they had just spent time & energy writing on. I then asked, “How many of you wrote down win a Super Bowl, win X number of games, achieve X number of yards, have X number of interceptions & so on?” All the hands went up.

I told them that every person in every NFL room has the same goals. It’s not the goals that will make you successful, otherwise everyone & every team would be successful after writing down their goals. Instead, it’s your commitment to the process, your growth & your purpose that drives you to reach these goals, that will determine what you accomplish. I then had them write down their commitments & purpose for playing & had them share with the rest of the team. It was powerful.

The truth is that numbers & goals don’t drive people. People with a purpose drive the numbers & achieve goals.”

– Jon Gordon, The Power of a Positive Team

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