I like to read books about coaching, team-building and leadership, but it’s getting harder and harder.  There are so many books out there that have a great concept or idea, but really don’t need an entire book.  Simon Sinek’s book “It Starts With Why” is a great example.  I love the concept.  His initial blog post about it was fantastic, but after reading the book I realized he was just repeating the same philosophy over and over.  Jay Bilas’ book “Toughness” is another one for me.  I know most coaches love that book, and I thought it was a great article about defining toughness.  But the book was simply repeating the same idea and asking different athletes about it.

It’s hard to find great books these days.  I recently read Daniel Coyle’s “The Culture Code” and I thought it was excellent.  Coyle studied elite cultures and dug deep inside to see what makes them tick.  I also read “The Captain Class” by Sam Walker, and I thought it was okay.  An interesting concept to study the Captain’s of the elite teams in the history of sports, but it didn’t go deep enough for me.  I thought too much of it was set up to fit his narrative, rather than really dig into what made these captains different.

Maybe I’ve read to many of them and I’ve just saturated my brain.  I’m always searching for leadership books that can keep my attention.  I want an idea that is dynamic, that is simple to explain, and that resonates with teams, coaches and leadership.  Too often we are victims to a neat idea that makes for a fancy title, that doesn’t have a lot of substance behind it.  I don’t want to read about leadership cliche’s.  I want an interesting idea that had an impact on elite success.

If you’ve read any great leadership books, please send me a note at bwalsh23@live.com.  I’d love to find some new books on leadership and culture to dig into.



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