I love the way Jimmy Butler competes. Apparently he went back to practice today with the Wolves today and dominated, talking smack to everyone in the gym while he was at it.

He admitted that it was the wrong way to go about it. But he used being a competitor as his excuse.

“I’m just out there competing. I can’t help myself when I’m out there. I’m sorry if I go about it the wrong way.”


Competing hard isn’t a valid excuse for bad behavior. If you want to go out and talk trash to everyone in the gym, including telling the owner “You need me! You can’t f*%#ing win without me!” than you should just own it. You wanted to make a point, you made your point, and it was calculated. Don’t use competing as your excuse, as if being a great competitor means you are going to lose control of your emotions.

Competitive excellence is more than just competing – it’s being able to handle everything that comes with it. The emotions of competing really hard are a challenge for everyone.

Using your competitiveness as an excuse for being a jackass is weak. You can be a great competitor and carry yourself with class at the same time.


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