Great teams get to the rim. Big time take and finish by Tre Waters to put LSU up with 1.6 seconds left.

Maryland’s response is something you see way too often, and something you can train your kids to handle relatively easily.

Watch what happens after the ball goes in. Pretty much everyone freezes, and then a few LSU players start to jog back up the floor. No one from Maryland really even moves, until one of their bigs starts to jog it up the floor. The guy who takes it out of bounds really doesn’t have any options. He enters the ball to a guard right in front of him who launches a 75-foot shot.

I know the odds of winning at the point are almost zero, but the one thing you can’t do is just enter the ball to the first guy who is right in front of you. The best chance you have is to throw the ball the length of the floor and see if someone can run underneath it.

Heck, you’d have a better chance of winning by calling a timeout that you don’t have (Maryland was out), and hoping LSU misses one of the two free throws. At least you could use the timeout to set up your home run play hoping you’ll be down 3 with 1.6 seconds left.

You just can’t enter the ball right in front of you.

We always have an option we call “Fly” whenever the ball goes in and we are losing with under 3.0 seconds to play. And it’s simple. Our 4-man (or whomever has the arm to throw it deep) takes it out right away, and everyone else runs fly patterns. They simply start running as hard as they can towards the other basket, and the inbounder launches the ball so they can run underneath it. You’ll be amazed at how often you can get a decent look because 1) The offense usually freezes as well and you can run right past them and 2) They aren’t matched up, so by running hard you generally create confusion. And even with just 1.6 you have time to catch and shoot or even for a quick tip pass to an open teammate.

Obviously it’s a dire situation but it’s one you can plan for. We have won games before when I was at RIC by running “Fly” after a made basket late in a game. If the game is tied you just have to be aware not to throw the ball out of bounds at the other end of the floor to give your opponent the ball back underneath their basket. And it’s not actually that hard to get in your kids head after a few time and score sets. Once they score here, everyone is running. With a little bit of preparation you can still give yourselves a chance in a tough spot.

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