Jay Busbee is a golf writer for Yahoo.Com who won the media lottery this year and got a chance to play Augusta on Monday. You can read the entire column here.

I loved the last 3 paragraphs.

Places like Augusta will be around for a long, long time. But we might not be. We’ve all got an Augusta lurking in the back of our minds, something we haven’t done, something we’ve been scared to attempt. Maybe it’s not playing a golf course — maybe it’s singing in public, or cooking for friends, or writing that novel.

But the fear paralyzes us. We dodge, we avoid, we find excuses not to do what we ought to be doing. And once we start it, it’s almost never as bad as we fear … and sometimes, it can be much better. Sometimes, it can even be transcendent.

Find your Augusta. Tee up high. Take a deep breath. And enjoy every swing.

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