Three questions come to mind when coaches ask me for advice on whether they should take another job.

  1. Will you make an impact?
  2. Will you get better as a coach?
  3. Will you be surrounded by good people?

I know there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to moving to a new job, but those three questions hav always been a pretty good place to start for me. It is easy to get caught up in where you expect your career to head and what you think your next move should be, but very few coaching careers follow a linear path. It’s natural to think about what level the job is at (it matters) and what your next step will be, but that can take you away from what it’s really going to be like day to day at your new job.

If you are making an impact, you are getting better as a coach, and you are surrounded by good people, you are probably going to be involved in a positive and rewarding experience. So think about what is really important to you on a day to day basis when looking at your job options, and not just what is going to happen next. Choose a job for your right reasons and your path will be fulfilling.

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