Very interesting thoughts here on the use of the term “family” as opposed to “team.”

I’ve never been a big believer in the word “family” when it comes to a team you are coaching. I think being a part of a team is special, and being on team should be enough to keep you connected and motivated.

Jack Clark, the great rugby coach at Cal, explains it in the simplest of terms –

The love of a family is unconditional. Being a part of an elite team is highly conditional. You aren’t going to get kicked out of your family. But if you don’t meet the conditions, you will get kicked off our team.

Clark uses an anecdote about how we all have that crazy uncle who is part of our family, who we enjoy having a few drinks with when we see him over the holidays. “But I wouldn’t want to try and win with him,” Clark says.

Interesting thoughts on both sides in this piece, including reasons why using the word “family” might be beneficial. This article will make you think.

For my money, I’ll always coach a team and not a family.

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