A note I received recently from one of my former players at Maine. This is why I coach, when the kids recognize the impact you’ve had on them, even when doing the hard stuff.

I know it’s late over on the East Coast but It’s actually crazy Coach Walsh, I was literally dying running up damn near the biggest hill in all of the city (doing our conditioning). And as I was running up the hill, it overlooks downtown, so im running up the hill and I swear I see downtown feel like it was under me, all I could think was “wow, I’m really fortunate to be here right now. how lucky am I to even be working my ass off for this team, for a great school, with a great group of guys. How lucky am I to be working hard for something I really love?” Safe to say it made the hardest conditioning a little easier you know. You were right when you said what u did about being grateful even for the obstacles and uncomfortable times in your life, especially pertaining to basketball. I never thought when we were on the line damn near dying trying to catch my breath after what seemed like our millionth sprint, and u said we were fortunate to be conditioning and working our asses off, that it would really resonate. But it does. Just wanted to share that with you, thanks Coach. Hope all is well. 

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