There is so much great stuff in here, you probably want to read it more than once. Simply explained but crucial elements to forming an effective team.

This on psychological safety and trust is so good:

Trust is such a hard topic, though. First, it is never blindly given or granted when requested; it must be earned. Further, there is no “10-step guide to earning others’ trust” that we can simply follow to achieve trust with our people. Many leaders view trust as a bank account we have with those we lead; we invest into the account through consistent deposits of caring for and doing right by them. With sufficient funds in the account, we can make withdrawals as a leader when necessary through hard decisions or demands to accomplish a mission. However, what if trust is more fragile than that? What if trust is not as transactional? I like the analogy offered by Todd Henry in his book, Herding Tigers, where he claims that trust is a water balloon. We fill the water balloon of trust by consistently pouring into and investing in our people. Yet, a single pin (something we do to violate trust as leaders) can puncture the balloon and we lose the water. Even the smallest puncture empties the balloon. Similarly, we don’t typically lose trust in only one area; if we prove to be untrustworthy in a single situation, people tend to generalize our lack of trustworthiness to other areas as leader. We’ve lost all our leader currency. We must act as if trust must be won through every conversation, action, and decision.

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