From an article on Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne in The Athletic.

This can’t be serious, can it? 45 minutes on the treadmill at 8-11 MPH? Before the workout?

Julius Randle, a five-year NBA veteran who just signed a $63 million contract with the Knicks, called his mother recently to brag he had finally completed Payne’s treadmill workout. He first tried in the summer of 2013. 

Payne makes it sound simple enough: two-minute jog, one-minute sprint, repeat. Only, his jog is most people’s sprint: 8 mph. His sprint is most people’s run for their life: 11 mph. And there is no walking. Just this rigorous rotation of fast and faster, over and over, for … wait, how long does this go on? 

“Forty-five minutes and then we start the basketball workout,” Payne says, his wince turning to a devilish grin. 

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