I’ve been asked by a few different coaches and organizations to do online clinics and presentations on leadership during this time when most of us are staying home. We are all looking for ways to stay connected and get better when we can’t get together in-person.

So I had this idea. I’m happy to do one hour sessions with any staff, team, organization or group on any relevant topic connected to leadership, culture, team-building or the like. I will present and create a dialogue on relevant topics to your organization based on your feedback and needs. We will use Zoom as the platform, and you can include as many people as you want.

All of the seminars I will do will be free – with one catch. After the seminar, I ask that you, your team members or your organization overall decide what the seminar was “worth” to you, and you make a donation to a local charity of your choice.

There are plenty of people who can really use our help right now. Donate to first responders funds, local small businesses, food banks, shelters, even go donate blood – just find a local group in your area that can really use the help right now, and do what you can. It can be $50, $100, five dollars for each participant – whatever you feel like you can give. I really don’t care about the amount. Every bit makes a difference and there are a lot of people who can use the help right now.

So it’s an opportunity to stay connected to your team and make them better, while also doing a little good for some people on the front line of this pandemic who need support.

Please send me an email at bwalsh23@live.com if you are interested. We can communicate on what type of seminar will most benefit your group, and set up a time where we can make it work.

Be smart, stay safe, stay healthy.

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