If you ever needed a reason to like John Stockton even more… he throws teams out of his gym if they aren’t playing hard enough in Sunday pick-up.

From Seth Davis’ article in The Athletic about the culture Gonzaga has built.

The most exclusive game in town is the weekly Sunday morning run overseen by Stockton, a third-generation Zag who played from 1980 to ’84. The games take place at The Warehouse, a downtown rec center that Stockton owns. (One of the courts is a floor with a Utah Jazz logo that used to be in the old Delta Center.) If someone whom Stockton hasn’t invited tries to play, that person will be shown the door. Stockton is 57 now, but he’s still John Stockton. He has been known to chastise a high school kid if he isn’t going hard enough, and if the game isn’t being taken seriously he’ll kick everyone out. “He’s surly,” Raivio says with admiration. “He’ll give you an elbow, he’ll ride you. He still gets every call.”

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