"I was actually happy to see the Hit King get defensive. I kind of felt I was accepted. I heard that about five years ago Pete Rose did an interview and he said that he wished that I could break that record. Obviously this time around it was a different vibe. In the 16 years that I have been here, what I've noticed in America, when people feel like a person is below them, not just in numbers but in general, they will kind of talk you up. But then when you get up to the same level or maybe even higher, they get in attack mode; they are maybe not as supportive."

Ichiro Suzuki

"The competitor to be feared is the one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."

Henry Ford

Packets in July


Gary Parrish gives you an inside look at what college coaches have to pay in July to watch kids play.  I was asked to pay $295 this July when I only wanted to watch one game, as they wouldn’t let me pay a daily fee.  So I left, just didn’t watch the game. I was […]

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The Strength to Stay Out of the Way

When we talk about leadership and coaching, we are usually talking about what we can do or steps we can take to make an impact.  One of the toughest things to do as a leader is to stay out of the way. When something is going down or needs to be fixed, the natural thing […]

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Nate Leaman – Providence Hockey


I love the quotes in here about how Nate Leaman has turned Providence College into a national champion in hockey.  From the level of buy-in to how hard they practice every day.  This is about how they approached this year, trying to win back-to-back national titles.

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College Athletics Spending


Interesting look at the spending in college athletics.

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Former Player Text

Lots of ups and downs you have to learn to deal with in the coaching business.  Every now and then it’s great to get a reminder of the impact you have on your players. Ethan Gaye played for me at Rhode Island College and graduated in 2013.  He recently completed his master’s degree at Arizona State. […]

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Adrian Dantley


Really enjoyed this article about NBA Hall-of-Famer Adrian Dantley. Only 2 players in the last 35 years have averaged 30 points per game in the NBA for 4 straight years.  Michael Jordan and Adrian Dantley.

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Gerry McNamara


Good look at the epic run Syracuse and Gerry McNamara had at the Big East Tournament 10 years ago.  Often the fans on the outside have no idea what the players are going through.

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Warrior Mentality

A good story to share with your team before they go home for the off-season… compliments of Chip Kelly and the 49ers: WARRIOR MENTALITY A long time ago there was a village in which every boy was trained to become a warrior. At age 14, every boy was sent into the forest with no food […]

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