Dick Bennet’s Program Notes

Thank you to Charlie Mason of New England College for passing these along… DICK BENNETT’S PROGRAM NOTES “I really believe the key to our season lies in our defensive effort.” YOU MATTER:  •Take care of yourself – sleep, nutrition, balance, etc. •Lean on other people for support; find 1 or 2 people you can confide […]

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The New Smart


What is needed is a new definition of being smart, one that promotes higher levels of human thinking and emotional engagement. The new smart will be determined not by what or how you know but by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating, collaborating, and learning. Quantity is replaced by quality. And that shift will […]

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Your brain can only focus so much.

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Being a part of a team is special.  It means a lot – or at least it should, to everyone on the team.  Teammates are people you spend a ton of time with, and go through a lot of ups and downs with.  Great sacrifice is necessary to be part of a team.  As is […]

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Kevin Keatts’ Road to NC State


Package Deals


Looking into the practice of hiring a parent to deliver the player.

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Assistant Coach Salaries in the Power 5


A good breakdown of the amount of money spent on assistant coaches in the Power 5.

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Richard Pitino

Two things Richard Pitino writes on the board in the locker room at Minnesota every year for the first team meeting: “WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM” “IT WILL NOT GO THE WAY YOU THINK IT’S GOING TO GO”    

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John Beilein After The Plane Crash


John Beilein’s perspective has changed since his teams near-miss plane crash in March.

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You Tube or College Athletics


Central Florida’s kicker has to choose between making money on You Tube that supports his family or being a college athlete.  The NCAA really needs to change their stance on this stuff.

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