Mental Toughness: Unaffected By Everything Happening Around You

Jack Clark, the Rugby Coach at Cal, defines mental toughness as “the ability to focus on the next most important thing.”  I like the definition, but to get more specific I’d say mental toughness is the ability to remain unaffected by everything happening around you.  It might be two different ways to say something similar, […]

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Carla Overbeck, Unlikely Captain

“The truth about team leaders is that they’re middle managers.”

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Roy Hibbert

Fascinating stuff about how the NBA has passed Roy Hibbert by.  Went from being an All-Star to being out of the league. A reminder as a coach, you always have to be willing to adjust.

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Results in Small Sample Sizes

The hardest thing to do as an organization is to sustain elite success. Winning is hard, and when you win at an elite level, so many things have to go right.  It’s not as simple as being the best team, or having the most talent, because so many things that are beyond your control play […]

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Jay Bilas on the “Collegiate Model”

Jay Bilas says the committee studying college basketball, headed by Condeleeza Rice, “didn’t do anything.”  It is amazing to me that they were brought together after FBI allegations of major money issues, yet they didn’t address the money issue.

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“Who Are Your Leaders?”

“Who are your leaders?” I like asking the players on a team who their leaders are.  Inevitably they start by naming the captains, and maybe they’ll throw in another veteran guy who isn’t a captain but is well respected, or just someone they like.  Usually their answers are about who they’ve been told – either […]

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Professional Gambler Cracks the Code

A man created an algorithm to predict horse races and made a billion dollars.

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No matter what you do, you need to be working with great people, honest people and people who support you in what you do.

"Boots" Donnelly, former football coach and father-in-law of current Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone, speaking on why he left his job as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills

Confident With A Chip On Your Shoulder

The best teams I’ve ever coached have played with elite confidence.  I’ve always tried to coach that way.  I want our players to walk into the gym extremely confident and expecting to win.  But great teams also have a chip on their shoulder.  They play with something to prove every night, like their backs are […]

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As a competitor, of course you want to stay in there. But as a team, as a team player and a leader, you’ve gotta do what’s best for the team. If that was what’s best for the team, I support it completely.

Jalen Hurts, Alabama Quarterback, after getting pulled at halftime of the national championship game