Dynamic Leadership Podcast – John Grass


Coach Grass is 43-7 as a head coach and an incredible 30-0 in his league.  He’s never lost a league game in 4 years.  High level championship culture.

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Stan Van Gundy On Protests


Regardless of where you stand politically, read what Stan Van Gundy has to say about Patriotism. We can’t make progress if we aren’t willing to listen to those we don’t agree with.

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Playing Time – The Guys We Can Win With

Everyone on your team should want more playing time.  There is nothing wrong with it.  I want everyone on my team to want more playing time.  No one should  be satisfied with the minutes they are playing.  I want guys who want to play all 40.  If you don’t want to play more, you probably […]

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Iowa Children’s Hospital


The best new tradition in college sports, bar none.

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What’s happening now is everybody is just expressing their opinion, instead of let’s get some dialogue — so really, let’s talk about it. When it comes to race, nobody wants to talk. People are afraid to talk. Well, we have to become unafraid.

Mike Garland - Michigan State Assistant Coach, talking about their team wearing T-shirts on Friday to try and start a dialogue about race relations. The t-shirts say "We talk. We listen," and "It's not about me. It's about us."

The Power To Lead

It’s pretty much accepted wisdom that you have to be a good player to be a leader.  Seems like any leadership conversation you have the talk is if a guy isn’t a starter or one of your best players, it’s going to be hard for him to be an effective leader.  I’m not sure why […]

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Bill Self on Being Coachable


Great two minutes here from Bill Self “Why would I want to punish myself to make a point to you?  That’s not how coaches think at all.”

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Mock Interviews


A mock interview for a head coaching position I did with Daniel Parker on Athletic Director U.

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Where Does The Energy Come From?

We had a really good practice on Monday.  We got hit with a pretty bad wind and rain storm overnight on Sunday here in Maine, and most of the area lost power on Monday morning.  Our school lost power for two days, so the kids got a four day weekend. On Monday, we practiced in […]

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Facts about how the NCAA really operates.

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