Difficulty is the excuse history refuses to accept.

Edward R. Murrow

Trust Your Team

Trust is an essential element of any high-achieving team.  And trust is a two-way street.  You players have to trust you as a coach to have any chance.  But you also have to trust your players.  What you do every day as a team helps develop that trust. In my second year at Rhode Island […]

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"If I'm honest with you, you might not like me for a day or two. But if I lie to you, you're going to hate me forever."

Joe Maddon

The One Surprising Habit of Effective Leaders


Great stuff from Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code. The answer, I think, is that we tend to think about leadership in the wrong way. We tend to focus on the big, showy moves, when what really matters is the small, humble moments when the leader sends a relational signal of connection. These moments […]

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"If you got a C on your report card, he wouldn't let you play. He taught me that it's very important to do what you're supposed to do. When you reduce your standards, they turn around and attack you."

Pete Carill, when asked about his father's influence on him

Joe Maddon – Embrace The Target


Joe Maddon’s approach to handling expectations for his Cubs. Pressure Is a Motivator, a Positive, an Indicator You Are in the Right Place.  

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The First Six Weeks

What a great weekend on campus.  Since I’ve been at Maine it’s been hard to describe to outsiders what makes the University and Black Bear Nation so special.  It’s just something you can feel, on days like this past Saturday, when the campus is buzzing with energy and pride.  It started on Friday, when after […]

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"Numbers can say this, but I want to sit next to the guy. I want to have a cup of coffee with him and I need to get to know him, because that's the most important thing. Analytics won't show you his character. They won't show you is he competitive. They'll show you stuff he does on the court, but I need to know him as a person. I need to know whether I can trust him and what his makeup is."

Nets GM Sean Marks on what makes Gregg Popovich so good


I do think confrontation is an essential part of leadership.  Even though it’s uncomfortable and something we’d like to avoid, when something negative and significant happens it needs to be confronted.  There is a difference between addressing a problem and confronting it.  Addressing an issue is easier, you say what you think about it, but […]

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5 Critical Steps to Fearless Confrontation


Concepts regarding confrontation that can help coaches and teams.

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