Teaching Accountability By Telling The Truth


Aaron Boone teaches his team accountability by saying he’s sorry and telling the truth. So effective, seems so simple, yet so many of us avoid it.

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The Psyche of a Professional Golfer


Kevin Na won his second PGA Tour event last Sunday in West Virginia.  This is a great insight from two years ago by Alan Shipnuck on the frailty of his psyche.  It really highlights the importance of the mental side of any sport.

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Donovan Mitchell on Listening

What Allowed Utah Jazz’s Best Player To Excel As A Rookie: I saw a lot of guys who I thought should have been stars but they don’t listen… there were guys in AAU system who I grew up playing with who were 10x better than me; but they didn’t listen. Many all star games that […]

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Perspective is a particular attitude that you have towards something, a particular point of view.  It’s not just your attitude in general, the way you approach things in a big picture sense.  It’s intentional, the way you choose to look at something after reflection. The best players, the best coaches, the most successful people that […]

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“Culture Is Earned”


Archie Miller talks about the difference between identity and culture when he first took over at Indiana.

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We Are All Public Figures


Really thoughtful piece that is right on point.  Some good information to make the point to everyone in your organization.  In this day and age, we are all public figures.

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Ronnie Valentine


Former ODU legend and NBA player Ronnie Valentine ended up on the streets in Miami.  A heart-wrenching story that magnifies the power of teammates.

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Compete and Produce

To earn playing time in our program, you had to do two things: Compete and produce.  I learned to simplify things as much as possible for our players when it came to playing time.  I think a mistake I made early in my head coaching career was not defining exactly what the players had to […]

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James Borrego on Player Development


A good look at how the new Charlotte Hornets coach defines and executes player development. “My philosophy is you maximize what they do well first.”

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Why Don’t We Teach Leadership?

There are lots of reasons why teams have bad seasons.  Lack of talent, mistakes in recruiting, injuries, youth… we’ve all dealt with any number of reasons.  It’s interesting when I talk to coaches in the off-season, especially coaches who’s teams I didn’t really see during the year, to hear about how their year went.  One […]

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