Recruiting our 2015 Class

Mark Emmert of the Portland Press Herald takes an inside look at how we brought together our 2015 recruiting class.

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SDSU July Recruiting

Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union-Tribune gives you a good look of what July recruiting is like through the eyes of the San Diego State staff watching 3 tournaments in Vegas.

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Planning Ahead

With the last couple of weeks of the summer upon us, it’s natural to start looking forward to the start of school and when the guys get back to campus.  The summer is a great time to re-charge, to learn from different coaches and programs that you respect, and to plan ahead for the coming […]

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Nick Saban to Texas

This is some great insight into what actually happened a few years ago when there were rumors that Nick Saban was headed to Texas to be their football coach.  A good inside look at some of the conversations and behind-the-scenes happenings that take place when big-time college jobs – football or basketball – are open. […]

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"It is everything in a team to be honest. It's about thinking about the team's interests before yourself... If it's not good for the team, don't say it and don't do it."

Andrew Mehrtens, All Blacks Rugby Legend, from the book "Legacy"

"Revolutions start with language."

Kevin Roberts

Bernie Miklasz – Great Leaders I’ve Known

Some terrific insight from St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Bernie Miklasz on what he’s learned from the great leaders in coaching he has covered.

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"I'm not a big fan of all of this 'family' stuff. Tell me the last time you traded or cut someone from your family?"

Jeff Van Gundy

What I Saw in July

Observations from the July recruiting period. It’s hard to outwork people. At this level, we only get 12 days to recruit in July.  At the Division 3 level, you were allowed to recruit every single day.  With only 12 days to evaluate between April and September, everyone is out for those days in July.  It’s […]

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Mental Strength Training

Some interesting ideas on mental strength training from Matt Belair, and sports psychologist and mental strength coach.  I’ve always felt strongly that the mental side of the game is overlooked and under-coached.  Most of us don’t think about developing our own mental strength, or the mental strength’s of our players. “The biggest thing for any […]

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