8 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast


Interesting thoughts. Getting up early is a great habit to develop.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll start to get ahead.

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Kevin Pillar Suspended


Michael Baumann of The Ringer gives the Blue Jays credit for suspending Kevin Pillar. One paragraph stood out to me – when Baumann explains why a gay slur gets used and the impact it has.  Gay slurs are still used around basketball teams and I’m not sure many think about why it’s wrong or the […]

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Mistakes New Executives Make


Some good lessons in here for coaches and leaders. Two mistakes to think about – Tell people how you did things better in previous organizations.  Do you really think your players want to hear a lot about this? Or will they roll their eyes and tune you out? Prioritize external relationships over internal ones.  This […]

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Personal Connections


Really thoughtful and intelligent stuff on the importance of personal connections and how to go about making great connections in your life.  It’s the people in your life who are going to help you get ahead, not your ability or experience. Your brand actually comes from you doing great, consistent work on time — not […]

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NBA Agents


“I’d say the vast majority of players who are in the draft conversation are taking money from agents, sometimes while they’re still in school,” one agent said. “I’d say somewhere between 75 percent and 90 percent of players get paid.

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Tom Crean On Emotional Agility


Thoughtful reflection on his coaching approach from Tom Crean by way of AthleticDirectorU.Com. I love the exercise where he had his players pick the name of a former Hoosier out of a bucket and they all had to write a letter to them about what it meant for them to be a Hoosier. “Emotional agility” […]

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Your First Response

You know the guy who always has a something to say or has to give an explanation every time he makes a mistake?  The guy who always responds when someone tries to coach him?  Do you want to try and win with that guy? If the first thing you do every time you are coached […]

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The Slugger and the Scout


Enjoyed this story from Ben Reiter in Sports Ilustrated about Kyle Schwarber, Theo Epstein and the scout who put his job on the line to get the Cubs to draft him.  Some interesting stuff regarding conviction and talent evaluation.

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Really interesting and informative content on this new website for leaders in the athletic industry.

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Advice From A Former ESPN Employee


Thoughtful, interesting advice that Gerry Matalon – a former ESPN executive who was let go a few years ago – has for his friends who have lost their jobs recently.  Advice that translates to many different crisis situations.

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