No matter what you do, you need to be working with great people, honest people and people who support you in what you do.

"Boots" Donnelly, former football coach and father-in-law of current Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone, speaking on why he left his job as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills

Confident With A Chip On Your Shoulder

The best teams I’ve ever coached have played with elite confidence.  I’ve always tried to coach that way.  I want our players to walk into the gym extremely confident and expecting to win.  But great teams also have a chip on their shoulder.  They play with something to prove every night, like their backs are […]

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As a competitor, of course you want to stay in there. But as a team, as a team player and a leader, you’ve gotta do what’s best for the team. If that was what’s best for the team, I support it completely.

Jalen Hurts, Alabama Quarterback, after getting pulled at halftime of the national championship game

Clemson Basketball Psychologist

More schools are hiring someone to help with the mental side of the game.

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Playing Your Best Down The Stretch – John Becker

I recently had a conversation for the Dynamic Leadership Podcast with Vermont coach John Becker.  The podcast will be released in the near future, and you can subscribe on iTunes here. Coach Becker has done an unbelievable job in 7 years at Vermont.  He’s 166-77(.683) overall and a ridiculous 93-19 (.830) in the America East […]

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Cleveland State’s Dennis Felton On NCAA

Some very measured, intelligent comments from Cleveland State’s Dennis Felton on a number of issues going on with the NCAA.  His take on health care is spot on, and something that rarely even gets discussed. “The NCAA should use some of that money to provide health coverage for all the athletes instead of using athletes’ […]

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Lebron and Power

I’m fascinated with why so many people hate Lebron James.  It’s easy to point to his “decision,” when he went on national TV to announce that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Heat.  I get that you can argue he could have handled it better, although I don’t see how that on […]

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“You Eventually Deem Yourself Unemployable”

Joe Madden on staying young as he gets older.

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Mentally Ready For Practice

I think the biggest challenge a high school player faces when moving on to the college level is practice.  It’s a huge adjustment to the level of intensity and competitiveness at the college level.  That’s not an indictment of high school basketball or high school coaches, it’s more a statement about overall level of talent. […]

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The 76ers Culture

A look at how the 76ers built, and continue to build, their culture through team meals that include individual presentations.  Interesting how Brett Brown started this to build the culture off the court when the team was suffering through brutal losing seasons.

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