Jairus Lyles at UMBC


Good look at the reasons why a great player wants to stay at the Low/Mid Major level.  Jairus Lyles scored 19 points in the first 5:00 of the second half against us at UMBC this year.  He can really score.

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Malcolm Butler and Discipline

The issue with Malcolm Butler and the Super Bowl makes me think a lot about team discipline. Butler had played in 98% of the Patriots defensive snaps this year, was dressed and active for the Super Bowl, yet didn’t play a single defensive snap in the Super Bowl.  He got on the field for one […]

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The Evolution of College Basketball


Mike DeCourcy with a great look at the gradual shift towards the high major leagues in college basketball.

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An important, and often overlooked characteristic of great leadership.

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Small Conference Scheduling


Interesting look at the balance between fairness and exposure smaller conferences face with men’s basketball.

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Ownership In The Huddle

“If I say it, you doubt it.  If you say it, it’s true.” – Tom Hopkins, Communications Expert It’s a great axiom to think about as a coach.  If you are constantly telling your teammates what to do, they’ll give you what they can up to a certain point.  But if you get them to […]

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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Jeff Van Gundy


One of the smartest and most self-aware coaches you’ll ever find.

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Ryan Arcidiacono and the Intangibles


“I know that if I’m going to play in this league, it will be about being that 12th-15th guy, knowing that role and what to do,” he said. “It’s humbling, but you accept your role.”

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Confidence is silent. Insecurity is loud.

Downtown With Rich Kimball


This week’s interview on Downtown with Rich Kimball.

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