Warrior Mentality

A good story to share with your team before they go home for the off-season… compliments of Chip Kelly. WARRIOR MENTALITY A long time ago there was a village in which every boy was trained to become a warrior. At age 14, every boy was sent into the forest with no food or water. They […]

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Jay Wright


“When people you trust tell you the truth about yourself?  Moments like those?  Man, that is where you grow.”

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Driving Results and Engaging Employees


The best leaders do both.  A look at the approach they use.

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Dynamic Leadership Podcast – Buzz Williams


Excited to be doing a new Dynamic Leadership Podcast on athleticdirectoru.com. Buzz Williams is tremendous – offering insight into building his culture, why he doesn’t like the word “recruiting,” using love as a way to make his team tougher – and his interest in the Ops job at UMaine. Terrific stuff in here – worth […]

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Things You See On Dysfunctional Teams

One Dominant Voice One player is the alpha male and his voice is the one that’s heard most often.  More importantly, his voice is the one that shuts other voices down, keeps them silent.  His voice can be positive or negative, usually it’s some of both.  But when you only hear one voice that team […]

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College officials work hard at their craft.

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Oregon State Baseball Coach Pat Casey


Oregon State finished 55-6 in baseball.  Their coach Pat Casey seems like a stud. “I had the good fortune,” says Casey, “of not having anybody take care of me.”

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The Program


Clinic notes from “The Program” that Zak Boisvert from the Final Four and posted on his outstanding website pickandpop.net. “The Program” is a group consisting of world-class former special operations warriors and elite athletes that work with the goal of providing professional and collegiate athletic teams with the best leadership development and team building services […]

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Alexis Jones works to empower young men to better respect and protect the women in their life.  A great 15 minute video to show your team.

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