Facts about how the NCAA really operates.

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Nature Relieves Stress

If it seems like you feel refreshed after spending some time outside in nature, it’s probably because you do.  Some interesting studies on how nature affects our brain and takes some of our stress away.  Something a lot of could use to find balance.

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The First Exhibition

We are now allowed by the NCAA to play other D1 schools in “closed” scrimmages, and a lot of programs choose to do it (This year the NCAA allowed a 3rd exhibition game that could be played against a D1 opponent with the money going to charities for hurricane relief).  I have no idea why […]

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Recruiting Services

A deep dive into recruiting services in the world of college football. When I get a personal email from a recruit or his family, I always look at it and respond.  When I get an email from a recruiting service I generally delete it immediately.

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Interview – Downtown With Rich Kimball

On the radio with Rich Kimball up here in Bangor to talk about the start of our season.

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Four brave men who do not know each other will not dare to attack a lion. Four less brave, but knowing each other well, sure of their reliability and consequently of mutual aid, will attack resolutely.

Ardant du Picq, 1870

The Mentality of Negative Results

Championship teams, teams with winning cultures, they aren’t afraid of results.  The championship teams I’ve coached never judged themselves on the results – but that is a lot easier to do when the results are usually in your favor.  I recorded a podcast recently with John Grass, the head football coach at Jacksonville State, for […]

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“If I Can’t Impact People, Then This Whole Thing Is A Waste.”

Take 5 minutes to learn about Chris Rosati

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We must play to a high standard all the time and that's the challenge. I think what people don't really understand is that's not really the human condition to be that way. The human condition is for everybody to survive. It wasn't to be the best that you could be...and that's special. So to get a group of people to be special all the time in every situation is a real challenge. That's why Top 10 teams get beat and what we're trying to avoid by having the right psychological disposition to play at a high standard regardless of circumstances.

Nick Saban

Bench Communication

On senior day in 2004 when I was an assistant coach at Providence, we were locked in a tight battle with Seton Hall.  Our starting point guard, Donnie McGrath, was in foul trouble and wasn’t playing that well, so we had our back-up, Kareem Hayletts, in the game at crunch time.  Kareem was a walk-on […]

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