Why Don’t We Teach Leadership?

There are lots of reasons why teams have bad seasons.  Lack of talent, mistakes in recruiting, injuries, youth… we’ve all dealt with any number of reasons.  It’s interesting when I talk to coaches in the off-season, especially coaches who’s teams I didn’t really see during the year, to hear about how their year went.  One […]

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Words are noise. Group performance depends on behavior that communicates one powerful overarching idea: We are safe and connected.

Daniel Coyle, The Culture Code

The Ability to Compete

Talent matters.  Sometimes we forget that.  I know I’ve failed to realize that plenty of times as a coach. We want everyone competing at high level all of the time.  It’s the core of who we are as a program.  But we look at competing as something that everyone can choose to do.  Everyone can […]

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Spurs Coach Themselves


Pop lets the Spurs coach themselves.

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Belichick’s genius isn’t that he can react at the time. Belichick’s genius is that he can prepare for the time.

Mike Lombardi, former assistant

Truth Demands Confrontation

“Truth demands confrontation.  It must be loving confrontation, but there must be confrontation nonetheless.”  – Francis Schaeffer A lack of confrontation probably derails high-performing teams as much as anything else.  There’s a misconception that confrontation within teams is a bad sign and something that needs to be avoided.  I’d say most coaches handle their teams […]

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Luke Heimlich


Oregon State’s best pitcher – and maybe the best in the nation – Luke Heimlich, pleaded guilty to molesting his niece when he was 15 and she was 4.  This is an incredible story, one that asks the question – can we ever forgive someone who is a sex offender?  Worth the time to read.

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The Best Leaders I’ve Coached

The best leaders I’ve coached… Bring positive energy into the gym every day Hold themselves accountable first and foremost Are passionate about basketball Refuse to tolerate bad behavior Are thirsty for coaching Take pride in getting stops See value in confrontation when necessary Never hold a grudge after confrontation Don’t say they just “lead by […]

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So You Wanna Be A Coach?

I went to high school in New York City in the late 80s when the Big East was just exploding and New York City basketball was at its peak.  I used to go to Shamrock Basketball Camp every summer run by John Carey, the long-time highly successful coach at All Hallows in the Bronx.  Going […]

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Getting Buy-In

When I took over at Maine, it was the first time I coached a really bad team or a losing program.  I realized I had been very fortunate throughout my coaching career, never coaching a team that had been consistently bad.  At Maine the program was so used to losing, so comfortable losing – something […]

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