Great Teammates

How do you become a Hall of Fame coach? I had the great honor of being inducted into the Rhode Island College Hall of Fame last fall.  I spent 9 years at RIC and coached some great teams.  We had a lot of talent, probably had the most talented team in our league every single […]

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Jim Lynam

Jim Lynam is a Philly guy who never stops coaching.

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"Winning a national championship is not something you're going to do at Princeton. I resigned myself to that years ago. What does it mean, anyway? When I'm dead, maybe two guys will walk past my grave. And one will say to the other 'poor guy, never won a national championship.' And I won't hear a word they say."

Pete Carill


Loyalty is an overused buzzword of convenience.  It’s a word that we use when it fits the narrative that we want. I’m not saying loyalty isn’t important.  I do think it is.  But I think we use loyalty as a way to defend bad behavior too often.  And I think players do this as well. […]

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Think Differently To Make Better Decisions

How to examine a situation to improve your odds of making a better decision.

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What will I be known as? Not one of them has ever come back and said 'Coach, I wish you'd pushed me harder.'

Bob Hurley

Coach Hurley’s Legacy

I don’t know that any coach in any sport at any level has had a more significant impact than Coach Hurley did in Jersey City.

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New Way To Finish Games

Very interesting, outside-the-box approach to ending basketball games to eliminate constant intentional fouling.

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The Intentional Foul and the Violation

Gonzaga was up 3 with the clock running out against South Carolina on Saturday in their national semi-final.  The Zags executed well to foul with 3.5 seconds left and not give up a game-tying 3-point attempt.  South Carolina went to the line for 2 free throws down 3 with 3.5 seconds left. I love the […]

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Steve Alford and Brandon Miller

Interesting story of the connection and diverging paths of two Indiana high school legends.

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