July used to be a mess.  The live period for college coaches ran from July 6th to the 31st, and every day was open.  There wasn’t much structure to it.  It was just a free-for-all.  It wasn’t good for the coaches, the players, the families involved – it wasn’t good for anyone. College coaches tried […]

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Aaron Boone


Great depth and insight into the approach of Yankee manager Aaron Boone. “He always had a way of simplifying things.” “If all you’re going to do is worry about results on any given night, you’ll play tight. And that’s how this game will knock you to your knees. There has to be a balance of […]

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I really enjoy talking with young coaches who are navigating their way around the college coaching business.  When I knew I wanted to be a coach I tried to reach out to everyone I could to gain some knowledge on how to get into coaching, and I feel like we should all give what we […]

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Interview on Downtown – August 13th, 2018


Always great to catch up with Rich Kimball on the Downtown show in Bangor, Maine.

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Do Nothing

In 2010, my 5th year at RIC, we were getting ready to play in the LEC Championship game on Saturday morning.  The game was a 3:00 tip, and with the semi-finals being played the night before we met in the morning for film.  As we were getting ready for the film session and the players […]

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The key to being successful is to figure out what you did. Don’t look at just the score. Look at what happened. That’s the most important thing. That’s where Belichick gains all of his advantage. That’s where great leaders gain all of their advantage. They look at the result. It’s not result based; it’s how you went through the process.

Michael Lombardi, long-time Belichick assistant

To Lead, Start By Following

Great stuff from the Harvard Business Review on how learning to follow makes you a better leader from Kim Peters and Alex Haslam: There is no shortage of advice for those who aspire to be effective leaders. One piece of advice may be particularly enticing: if you want to be a successful leader, ensure that […]

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Getting Your Next Job

I have a lot of conversations with young coaches about getting their next job.  I’ve never really been involved in ay other business, but it seems like in coaching there are a lot of young people who don’t feel like they have great guidance on how to move forward.  Maybe it’s because in other lines […]

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Taking Over

My thoughts on taking over a new organization for AthleticDirectorU: My first head coaching job was at Rhode Island College, where I took over a very talented team that had no history of success. When I left to become the head coach at the University of Maine, I similarly inherited a program that needed a […]

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Is Your Boss Helping Your Career?


Some great thoughts on how to advance your career if your boss won’t help. This is something I talk to coaches about all the time, because in our profession there are a lot of head coaches who don’t really want to help their assistants advance.  You have to make it happen, put a plan in […]

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