Exhibition Games

I read an article recently about the great job Tony Bennett is doing at Virginia this year, and it talked about how to prepare his team he no longer plays exhibition games.  He hasn’t played one since 2010, instead preferring the controlled nature of  “closed” scrimmages that D1 schools are allowed to play.  He likes […]

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What Separates Belichick


Pete Thamel has a great look here at what really separates Bill Belichick and the Patriots.  His ability to find undiscovered talent and turn them into valuable NFL players.  18 of the 53 players on the Patriots roster were undrafted.  Think about that for a minute – that’s 34% of their roster. Thamel points out […]

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Would You Give A Stranger Your Phone?

Daniel Coyle’s book “The Culture Code” is a tremendous look at the secrets of highly successful groups.  He talks about 3 main points in building a successful culture – Safety, Vulnerability and Purpose. Coyle brings up this simple experiment when talking about creating safety and building a connection.  It consists of two scenarios and a […]

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Culture is a set of living relationships working toward a shared goal. It's not something you are. It's something you do.

Daniel Coyle, The Culture Code

The Corner 3


Very interesting data on the corner 3 in the NBA and in college basketball.  Dives into why the corner 3 is the most valuable shot in basketball – and it’s not about distance (the corner 3 in the NBA is a shorter shot, whereas in college the 3-point line is the same distance around the […]

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Great Teammates

I was honored in 2016 to be inducted into the Rhode Island College Athletics Hall of Fame.  RIC was my first head coaching job and I spent 9 years there.  I had some unbelievable players, developed tremendous relationships and fortunately we had a lot of success. Getting inducted made me think about how you get […]

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Inside The Huddle


Take a look inside our huddle and our locker room before one of our recent games.

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Downtown With Rich Kimball


Talked about our tough win over UNH and our upcoming game at UMBC with Rich Kimball on local radio.

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Organizations often falter because leaders favor the comfort of consensus over the discomfort of dissent.

Adam Grant, "Originals"

Racial Divide in the Hiring and Firing Process


Interesting numbers compiled here by Athletic Director U regarding race and the hiring and firing of coaches in college basketball.

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