Mic’d Up In Practice


I wore a microphone in one of our late practices this year.

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Wisconsin vs. Florida

Forgotten after the tremendous finish of the Wisconsin-Florida Sweet 16 game is the fact that Wisconsin controlled the first 16 minutes of the game.  With 4:25 to go first half Wisconsin was up 7 and the game was being played at their pace.  Then Nigel Hayes picked up a charging foul, his second foul of […]

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Tom Crean – Random Acts Of Kindness


Coaches who you don’t like, coaches who get fired – they are human too.

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Fouls To Give

With the clock running down and a 3-point lead against URI in the 2nd round, Oregon fouled on purpose with 11 seconds to play.  Oregon had a foul to give, and one of the commentators said “Smart play.”  That was only Oregon’s 6th foul, which meant URI would then take the ball out of bounds. […]

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Brilliance from Chris Mack and Xavier late in the game last night.  High/low action is very hard to guard because there’s no natural help side.  The hard cuts they make force the defense to move quickly.  Quick hitter also allows for a 2 for 1 situation as well.  Tremendous late game execution. Fast-forward to 1:49 […]

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The Unforgettables


Pat Forde takes a great look at the Unforgettables and the 25 years since their epic battle with Duke.

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Maine Show Podcast

I had a great conversation with Ben Sprague about leadership and team building on the Maine Show Podcast.

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A few years ago when I was coaching at RIC we were playing a road game at Clark University.  In a close game we had battled our way on top late in the 2nd half, and our defensive pressure was starting to bother Clark.  With about 3 minutes to go we had a five point […]

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Something to think about. Coming from one of the greatest in the business. Definitely worth watching. pic.twitter.com/wxGqGZe1Pe

— Fairmont Girls Hoops (@FHS_Girls_Hoops) March 17, 2017 " title="Geno">

Geno Auriemma doesn’t pull any punches on his what he expects from his players.

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Dan Monson and Gonzaga


A good look at the choice Dan Monson made to leave Gonzaga.

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