Doc Rivers – What I’ve Learned

“You Have To Get Over Yourself”

Matt Painter with some measured, intelligent thoughts about his players after a loss to Notre Dame. Great thoughts for all players. I have a lot of respect for Matt Painter and I agree with his thoughts. Great teams have players who have “gotten over themselves,” which essentially means they are more worried about the teams […]

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2 Questions If You Want To Get Better

Do you want to get better Are you willing to feel the discomfort of doing things differently

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G League

I recently attended a G League game between the Long Island Nets and the Lakeland Magic in Lakeland, Florida. Will Weaver, a friend who I used to work camps with coming up is the head coach of the Long Island Nets, and he invited me to spend some time with he and his staff. It […]

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Get Your Point Guard Downhill

I was talking with another coach recently about quick-hitters to get your point guard downhill. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to do it.

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The Last Play Of The Game

If you watched the Patriots-Dolphins game on Sunday you saw one of the most ridiculous endings in the history of the NFL. The Dolphins went hook-and-ladder on the last play and ripped the Patriots hearts out with a game winning touchdown. The last player with a chance to save the game for the Patriots was […]

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“I Hate Losing”

As a head coach trying to build championship teams, I learned that your relationship with losing is important. A huge part of competitive excellence is how you deal with negative results. You hear from a lot of athletes and coaches that they just “hate losing,” and often it’s in the context of explaining bad behavior. […]

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Elite athletes are willing to embrace the boredom of consistency

Justin Su'a - Mental Performance Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

Deandre Jordan’s Free Throws

A really interesting look at some of the things Deandre Jordan and the Mavericks have done to help him with his free throws.

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Understanding Your Boss

Truth to power is hard, and the head coach is the one with the power. As an assistant coach, much of your job will come down to navigating the delicate balance. Your job is to help, to make things easier on your boss and better for your players. But sometimes that is going to mean […]

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