The Late Show

A recent New York Times article talked about the resurgence of Stephen Colbert on the Late Show after giving up some of his responsibilities to a new producer.  The producer, Chris Licht, has encouraged Colbert to be more hands-off and more forgiving of mistakes. A valuable lesson for Colbert that I think applies to coaching […]

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Integrity and Winning

I’m not huge on soft factors.  I’m big on the environment you create for your players.  But I don’t think you can throw your chemistry out on the court and beat the other team.  I do think the atmosphere you create and the culture of your program is very important.  Putting your players in a […]

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I never really ever felt like I was better than I was. I was too busy learning and getting better.

Jack Nicklaus

The Greatest Coach You’ve Never Heard Of

Jim Steen won 50 national titles as the swimming coach at Kenyon.  His leadership approach is tremendous.  This is a graduation speech he gave a few years back.  His approach to leadership is really interesting and innovative.

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Wright Thompson on Pat Riley

Incredibly in-depth look at Pat Riley

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10 Habits of the Most Confident People

On my team, when I challenge someone's attitude - and I love doing that - it's not an attack on their character. It's a belief in their ability to get back on course.

Jim Steen, Swimming Coach at Kenyon College, winner of 50 National Championships

Will Wade on Scheduling

Direct insight from LSU’s Will Wade on what went into crafting the right schedule to get his VCU teams into the NCAA Tournament.

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Individual development at UMaine.

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Conference Revenue

The huge divide in conference revenue is starting to take place.  School’s outside the Power 5 – such as UConn – will feel the impact significantly.  The numbers in here are pretty startling.

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