What Allowed Utah Jazz’s Best Player To Excel As A Rookie:

I saw a lot of guys who I thought should have been stars but they don’t listen… there were guys in AAU system who I grew up playing with who were 10x better than me; but they didn’t listen. Many all star games that I played with in high school, guys who were really good, didn’t listen. That was the constant theme: didn’t listen, did things their own way & got cocky. So my thing was, I can’t do that; I can’t be another one of those guys … My biggest thing was older guys know; they’ve been here & they’ve done it. In order for me to continue my success, I have to listen. I have to be someone who listens. It may not always be what I want to hear, but it’s the right thing that I need to hear. I think that developed from my childhood ; my Mom telling me 1,000 times that “you have to listen.”

-Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz

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