What he said to his team the night before they won the national title:

“Early for curfews. Early for meetings. Relentless work ethic. You’ve kept this hotel clean. I’ve asked you to do it, and you did. No bullshit. Character. Character wins,” he says, his deep, unmistakeably halting voice booming throughout the room.

“Poise. No matter what happens, we go to the next play. Poise on the sideline. Poise on the headsets. Poise at halftime. Discipline. You just don’t wake up and say, ‘I’m gonna be disciplined.’ That shit don’t happen! You’re early. You work your ass off. You don’t go do the things that you’re not supposed to do. We set the LSU standard of performance, and up to now, there’s nobody that came close to you when you’re playing up to the LSU standard of performance.

“Your best will be good enough, and you will play your best tomorrow night. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve done it 14 times in a row. I think we’re gonna play our best game tomorrow night.”

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