“But far too many coaches, even Hall of Fame coaches, have spent their careers yelling and screaming, constantly demeaning and ridiculing their players in ways that should be unacceptable, and would be unacceptable, if not for the weird power dynamic that exists on many campuses.

No college professor would ever be allowed to talk to a student the way so many college coaches talk to student-athletes. It’s crazy. But it’s also very common, mostly because, I guess, it’s just always been that way. There’s a line between motivating and humiliating, and coaches cross that line all the time — usually behind closed doors in practices shielded from the public, but sometimes even on national television during games. Things you rarely see NBA coaches do or say college coaches do and say all the time to the point where it’s normalized, rationalized and excused. As a result, even in the year 2020, fans are still more likely to laugh than be offended when a college coach absolutely loses his mind on a college player. 

Is that really OK?”

  • Gary Parrish

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