Kevin Cash’s decision to pull is starting pitcher in game 6 of the World Series will be debated for a long time. Interesting article on his thoughts, and the thoughts of his GM after the decision.

You have to make the best decision for your team at the time. A bad result doesn’t always mean it was a bad decision.

“Was it a mistake? No, I don’t think it was a mistake. And I’m not trying to be hardheaded,” he said. “I was committed and felt good about the decision. I just hate the outcome.”

“Kevin is an incredible leader, and he’s fully empowered to manage the game as he sees fit. His preparation and guidance is second to none, and speaking on behalf of the entire organization, there’s no one we trust more to make these decisions,”

“He’s true to himself and his methods. Over time, he’s consistently prioritized the best interest of the team, no matter the risk for second-guessing. So many of the challenging decisions he’s made during this incredible season have worked out for the best and led us to the World Series, but (Tuesday) night came with a more heartbreaking outcome.”

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