I liked this quote from Steve Wojciechowski on what he’s learned since he got fired.

“What coaches hear is, you gotta grind, grind, grind. To me, it’s such B.S.,” Wojciechowski says. “You’re told you gotta want it as much as you can breathe. Really? Really? You need to win as much as you need to breathe? Think about what you just said. I talk to young coaches about, what type of failure recovery plan do you have? You’re going to have losses, and not all of those losses are on the court. If you don’t have a plan internally to get you back to a baseline level of clarity, then they pile up. If I had to do it all over again, I’d carve out more space for quiet.”

He is really talking about coaches and how their failure recovery plan as individuals, but it applies to teams as well. And obviously they are connected. How is your team going to handle failure? Because handling failure is a big part of sustaining elite success. And your team’s failure recovery plan is going to come from you.

I’ve always said that elite teams have a good relationship with losing. I learned that from my teams at RIC when I first became a head coach. What is your team’s relationship with losing? That will go a long way towards your ability to win.

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