I’ve never been a big fan of teams that use the word “family,” even though just about everyone does it. First of all, we aren’t that close. I’ve had players ay “these are my brothers right here.” Really? You just met 3 of them a month ago. You became brothers because you are good at basketball and you chose the same school?

I love this quote from Todd Monken, the offensive coordinator at Georgia. This is real, despite whether or not it says “Family” on the back of your shorts or your locker room wall.

I think being a part of a team is really important and undervalued. And that should be celebrated more. But my family is different. My love for my family is unconditional. Being a part of a high-performing team is highly conditional. There are parameters and standards on teams, and if you don’t meet them you won’t be a part of the team very long. If you can’t show up on time or don’t compete very hard, your days on my team are numbered. If you are late for Thanksgiving every year, you’ll still be a part of the family.