Kirby Smart just won his second straight national championship at Georgia. Here are the 4 program values that sustain his culture.


  • Fight through when you feel the urge to succumb to pressure or hardship
  • Practices are tougher than games/Extra weight sessions in-season
  • Prepare for the tough times before they happen – anticipate adversity


  • Check your emotions
  • Focus on the next task
  • Come together with your teammates
  • Coaches hand out “composure cards on the sideline”


  • Practice is a battle. Very physical, they don’t hold back. In pads 3 days a week.
  • Confronts undesired behavior immediately
  • Either you are in or out


  • Team activities called “Skull Sessions”
  • 15 minute meetings – discuss history lessons, business case studies, that relate to tough times during games
  • Building bonds amongst players

The 4 values come down to:

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Living up to a program standard
  • Staying disciplined in tough times
  • Developing deep connections

Great strategies for any teams.

Credit: @TheDaily_Coach

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