Does looking at things from a different perspective intrigue you?  Are you constantly searching for new ways to improve?

I started my coaching career as a junior in college, and since I graduated I’ve been lucky enough to do it for 18 years.  I’m constantly studying the game, as well as leadership techniques and styles that can make me a better coach.  One thing I’ve learned is that basketball has a strong set of accepted ideas that form a belief system that is rarely challenged.  It is much easier to go down the path that has already been traveled, and if the results don’t meet expectations to simply place the blame on the players.

I have won a lot of games because of the players I have on the floor, and no doubt I’ve lost a few because of them as well.  But if I’m constantly laying the result at the feet at the players, am I really holding myself accountable the way I should as a coach? I’m always asking my guys if they got better today, but am I asking the same of myself?  By putting the responsibility for results on my players in some way I must by impeding my own progress as a coach.

It’s very important to me to constantly look for new ways to lead, to analyze and to evaluate.  There are so many “truths” in the game of basketball that have been around for so long that they never face a challenge.  I think the mental side of the game is overlooked and under coached, a lot of times because we simply follow the belief system that was put in front of us.

I hope this site will encourage you to look at things from a different perspective, and that allows you to become a better leader and a better coach.